Custom Rugs

Explore the endless possibilities of rug design with our Custom & Bespoke Service.


Even though we stock a range of designs and sizes, you could always add a little bit of your imagination.

Our extensive muster of design can be distorted to create a rug that meets your requirements. Colours can be altered in fact over 1400 colours to choose from, specific sizes and shapes can be ordered, yarn can be changed, and scales can be reformed.

With the assistance of our design team, you can choose from a range of colours, or we could create a sample you bring to us. Rug designs can be fashioned into squares, circles, runners and more. We can weave a rug extensive from wall to wall to create a carpet that allows your house feeling like a home.

Through each process you will be updated to ensure your satisfaction at every stage. Custom ordered rugs can take from 8 to 16 weeks. However, the process could be sped up

Custom Service

Not all rooms are created equal, certain spaces call for something different – a more tailormade approach. Our extensive catalogue of rugs provides a rich tapestry of inspiration for customers wanting flex their creative muscle. We can adapt any design to suit your requirements. There are myriad possibilities – colour, shape, size of existing rugs can be altered and patterns up or downscaled – which is why our team will guide you through the process.

Bespoke Service

Let your imagination run wild and we will use our professional expertise to transform your design into a beautiful bespoke rug. Whatever your concept, we will explore the many possibilities of colour, technique and material to help you develop and realise your vision. A bespoke rug takes time to weave, but the result is the ultimate luxury – your very own masterpiece to treasure forever.