Ever since we discovered the art of rug making and founded ARC Designer Rugs, we have aspired to create the most magical rugs in the world. We accomplish this by combining the ancient craft of rug making with our history. Our rugs are known for its

beautiful, distinctive and original nature.

We understand the uniqueness and significance of rug making. Our weavers continue to craft each rug entirely by hand, using the same techniques that their ancestors employed over hundreds of years ago. Our raw material is hand-picked for each rug and is handled with such admiration that they lose none of their

extortionary properties during the process.

Thus, as a result; each handmade rug is known to be unique for its individuality. We are passionate about creating extraordinary designs and always strive to innovate and inspire. We understand the importance of selecting the ideal rug for your space, that’s why our service and sales team not only have an expert understanding of the

rug but will go to any lengths to guide you to the perfect piece.

ARC Designer Rugs produces their rugs in Afghanistan and India, and is a proud member of Good Weave, the leading authority on ending child labour in the

production of handmade rugs.

Meet the founders

Being the fourth generation in the industry, the art of rug making has been passed down through our Afghan heritage to us. As two brothers, we want everyone to experience the same love for our WATAN (country) and the art of rug making that we were brought up with. Therefore, our rugs are inspired from traditional designs, but with a modern twist, thus making it unique to ARC.

Here at ARC, we have made it our mission to disperse the beauty of Afghan handmade rugs into every home and commercial project. We are obsessive about good design and even better quality. As such, we make sure all our rugs are quality controlled before we furnish your property with them.

Furthermore, as manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, we understand the industry on all facets, and as a result, our experience resonates in our products.