Responsible Trading

Our commitment to making beautiful rugs in a responsible and sustainable way.

Why make rugs in AFGHANISTAN?

Our country and craftspeople are at the crux of everything we do. Afghanistan is a country full of culture, tradition and beauty. Afghanistan’s long and proud tradition of weaving enables us to create rugs of unparalleled quality and beauty. We are the biggest importer of rugs from Afghanistan, making a vital contribution to the Afghanistan economy and providing sustainable employment to a large number of people.

As for the craftspeople, their wellbeing is of utmost importance to us. We believe that having a close relationship with our craftspeople is the key to producing quality products – when people upstream of the production process are kept happy, we can guarantee that the downstream products will be of the highest quality too. It is for this reason that we routinely travel back to our manufacturing sites, cultivating the rapport with our craftspeople. Being Afghan ourselves, we can understand the needs and wants of our craftspeople and locals, and provide accordingly.

Thus, it is not only the customer who we try to satisfy with our products, but here at ARC Designer Rugs, we aim to keep every participant in our company content with our service, production process and quality of goods.