Unfortunately, in the last half century, Afghanistan has been through many wars and civil unrest. Through our manufacturing facility, we are providing jobs and education to our employees and their families, dignifying the men and women who are the heart of our company. Our business began as a way to help individuals and families in Afghanistan by providing jobs within the field of rug making, an art that has spanned the history of the nation for centuries. Rug-making is a form of expression for these individuals, telling a story of perseverance, resilience and hope.

Thus, we give back to the countless individuals who give us the art of rug-making. Every purchase of one of our rugs not only creates employment for our extended family of artisans and sustains an industry based on traditional craftsmanship, it goes towards the provision of educational support to local schools in their villages. We contribute part proceeds from each product sold towards philanthropic endeavours. We sponsor a local elementary school, fully subsidising all of their overheads from teachers’ salaries, textbooks and uniform. To ensure we reduce our carbon footprint, we have also installed solar panels in all our manufacturing facilities too.

We paved the path of establishing ethical manufacturing facilities in Afghanistan and India, and have been certified with “GoodWeave’, an organisation dedicated against child labour. Hence, ARC is where you will find style and ethical manufacturing intersecting to produce the best rugs ever seen globally. To help make a difference simply purchase one of our time-less pieces or donate